General Information


The Victoria German School is run by a voluntary Board and a School Director. The School requires the active participation of parents to operate effectively and will request involvement with various activities, events and fundraising.


The school year runs from September to early June, with breaks for holidays and certain other dates (see calendar). The school holds most classes on Saturday mornings, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, but also holds midweek classes on Tuesday afternoons, 3:45-6:00 pm.


The school rents space from the University of Victoria for its classes. Classes are held at the Clearihue Building, which is located between the library and UVic centre on Ring Rd., UVic.


The school has a  library housed in a mobile bookcase that is available during school hours. We have books for various age groups as well as DVDs & CDs.

VGS Board information

Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in October each year.

Executive Board Members

  • Werner Simbeck, President
  • Christina Knowles, Secretary
  • Anahita Ariana, Vice President
  • Tanja Weber Hemerling, Treasurer

Board Members at Large

  • Mike Birch
  • Katrina Giesbrecht
  • Sara Patino-Turcotte
  • Michael Turcotte
  • Ann Thomson
  • Monika Brandstaetter

Director:  Ralf Gabriel

Board minutes 2017


Board minutes 2016:
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September 2016

Board minutes 2015:
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Our 2016/17 teaching staff:

  • Petra Kixmoeller – A1/ A2 & Adult classes
  • Erika Goetz-Lad – Grundstufe 1 Deutsch & DSD 1
  • Merle Kruck – Spielgruppe
  • Joanna Schaller – Adult classes
  • Britta Fischer – Grundstufe 1 Immersion
  • Jasmin O’Brian – DSD 2
  • Ute von Salzen – Grundstufe 2  Deutsch (1)
  • Nastja Kharine – Grundstufe 2 Deutsch (2)
  • Mareike Bracht – A2 High School



September 2015
November/December 2015
March/April 2016


Please check our calendar for more information


Our Annual General Meeting will take place on October 22nd  from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in the Clearihue Building, ‘A’  wing at UVic. New board members are welcome.

Laternenfest (Lantern Walk)

The St. Barnabas Church would like to invite you to the yearly traditional Lanternwalk taking place on St. Martin’s day, November 11th, 2016

Weihnachtsfest (Christmas party)

Our yearly ‘Weihnachtsfest’ is going to take place on Decmber 3rd, 2016 at the Edelweiss Club

Osterfest (Easter celebration)

Our Osterfest is celebrated the weekend before the Easter long weekend.

Sommerfest (Year end celebration)

We will be celebrating our “Sommerfest” on the last Saturday of the school year.