Registration for the 2024 Winter term is now open.

Beginner adult classes are offered both online and in person. Intermediate and Advanced classes take place online.

We offer Beginner, and Intermediate/Advanced classes three times a year (Fall/Winter/Spring).

  • Term: Ten 90-minute classes per term for online classes, nine 100-minute classes for in-person classes.
  • Class Times for in-person courses (Beginner only):
    • Saturdays 9.30-11.10am  & 11.20am -01.00pm
  • Class Times for online courses vary. Please go to REGISTRATION and check the current class times for your preferred class.
  • Course dates for the current school year: Please refer to the calendar page.
  • Location:  UVIC (Clearihue building, D-Wing, 2nd floor) or online
  • Cost: Please refer to the tuition page.
  • To register click here

Beginner 1& 2 use the book Menschen A 1.1 from Hueber Verlag.

Beginner 1 is for complete beginners. You will learn how to introduce and talk about yourself and your family, learn how to describe and purchase everyday objects and office work conversation. This course usually covers Chapter 1-6 in the book Menschen A 1.1.

Beginner 2 is for beginners who have completed Beginner 1 or have previously studied German basics. This course will often repeat office work conversation. It aims to cover Chapter 7-12 in the book Menschen A 1.1. Amongst other things, you will learn to talk about your leisure activities, how to give compliments, tell the time, talk about your food preferences, ask for your way when travelling, talk about a past day and past travels and learn about historical German festivals.

Intermediate is designed to build on Beginner 1 & 2, and is suitable for those with a basic understanding of grammar and vocabulary, to increase competency in a variety of thematic areas.

Advanced German requires a more solid foundation of the German language.