School Director

Deborah Weber has been the director of the Victoria German School since the summer of 2018. Find out more about her below.

Foto Deborah

Deborah grew up near St. Gallen, Switzerland, and has been interested in language learning and teaching her whole life. She taught German in Spain for a year, and continued teaching German, English, and French during her undergraduate and graduate studies in French-speaking Switzerland and Québec. Deborah first came to British Columbia as a university exchange student, and fell in love with the west coast. She moved to Vancouver in 2011 and has worked as a French immersion teacher in the B.C. public school system since then. In the spring of 2018, Deborah moved to Victoria with her family.

Deborah has a B.A. in Social Sciences, a B.Ed. in French Immersion Education and a M.A. in Second Language Education.