Where to find German books in Victoria

  • The German school has a library where you can take out books and DVDs every Saturday. If your children have outgrown their German books and DVDs, please consider donating them to the school for class room and library use.
  • At the school’s Christmasfest and at the Sommerfest there usually is a book table with new and used books for sale.
  • Share and trade with other families.
  • The Greater Victoria public library has German books at the Central branch. You can log onto their web page (www.gvpl.ca), click on “catalogue”, then “more search options”, then on “call number” and type in GER and in “search in” click on “Children’s”. The other option is to look for the Author, the German titles will be on the list as well. You can put a hold on the books and have them delivered to your branch.
  • www.Amazon.ca sells German books.
  • Ask visiting relatives to bring the latest books from Germany.
  • People have found great German books at the Times Columnist book drive that happens once a year.
  • Through GCNews   http://www.germancanadiannews.ca/EN/index.html you can subscribe to German magazines like Geolino.

Reading with your child

  • Read to your young child every day.
  • You can also choose English picture books with little text and translate or tell the story. Look for things in “I spy” books using all the German words….
  • Use books with lots of repetition. Let the children finish the sentence or let them guess what happens next.
  • Keep reading out loud to your older children as it will greatly enhance their German vocabulary. Specially when books geared to that age group are still too daunting to read for the child itself reading with your child is important.
  • Read a book together taking turns reading out loud.
  • Have your child read a book in German from a series she knows in English  for example “Magic tree house” (Das magische Baumhaus).


Children’s series and movies on Netflix Canada that can be watched in German

Lego Friends
Project Mc2
Glitter Force
Beat Bugs
Puffin Rocks
Word Party
Care Bears & Cousins
H2O Mermaid Adventures
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse
Ever after High
Kulipari: an army of frogs


S – this book is part of a series
A – this author has written more good books
GVPL – Greater Victoria public Library


Age 0-3

Anything from Eric Carle
Bobo Siebenschlaefer, (GVPL)(S) also on CD, Markus Osterwalder
Anything from Ali Mitgutsch (S)
Langenscheidt Bilderwoerterbuch Erste Bilder – erste Woerte
Jakob-Buecher, (S) Nele Bauer
Mein allererstes Fuehlbuch, (S)
Mama Huhn sucht ihr Ei, (GVPL), Andreas Nemet
Ich bin der kleine Hund (GVPL), (S), Amrei Fechner

Age 3-5

Wir Kinder von Bullerbue, (S) Astrid Lindgren (A)
Lars der kleine Eisbaer, (S), (GVPL) Hans de Beer
Der Regenbogenfisch, Marcus Pfister (A)
Der kleine Dino (GVPL) M.Pfister
Mats und die Wundersteine (GVPL) M.Pfister
Papa Pit und Tim (GVPL) M.Pfister
Leo Lesemaus, (GVPL), (S) Marco Companella
Conni,(GVPL), (S), Liane Schneider
Felix (GVPL), (S), Annette Langen
Vom kleinen Maulwurf, (GVPL) Werner Holzwarth
Mama Muh und die Kraehe (S), (GVPL) Jujja /Tomas Wieslander
Das schoenste Ei der Welt, (GVPL) Helme Heine (A)
Die Wurzelkinder, Sybille von Olfers

Learn to read books:

Mit Bildern lesen lernen, arsEdition
Bilderlesebuecher, Ravensburger Verlag

Age 6-8

Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivfuehrer, (S) Michael Ende (A)
Der Raeuber Hotzenplotz, (S) Ottfried Preussler (A)
Eine Woche voller Samstage, (GVPL), (S) Paul Maar (A)
Die Kinder vom Moewenweg, (S) Kirsten Boie (A)
Geschichten vom Franz, (S) Christine Noestlinger (A)
Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss, (S), Ingo Siegner
Millie in Berlin, (S) (GVPL) Dagmar Chidolue
“Oma” schreit der Frieder (S) (GVPL) Gudrun Mebs
Ritter Rost,(S), (GVPL) Joerg Hilbert

Reading practice:

Lesemaus, Stufe 1, Conni, (S) Julia Boehme
Leserabe, Ravensburger Verlag
Lesefant, Ravensburger Verlag
Lesepirat, Ravensburger Verlag

Age 8-10

Hier kommt Lola (S) Isabel Abedi
Igraine Ohnefurcht, Cornelia Funke (A)
Ronja Raeubertochter, Astrid Lindgren
Der kleine Ritter Trenk, Kirsten Boie
Verflixt ein Nix, (GVPL),(S) Kirsten Boie
Kommisar Kugelblitz (GVPL), (S), Ursel Scheffler
Der geheime Tunnel (S), Olaf Fritsche

Reading practice:

Leseloewe, Ravensburger
Leseloewe, Dachbodengeschichten (GVPL), Cornelia Funke

Age 10-12

Herr der Diebe, Cornelia Funke
Drachenreiter, Cornelia Funke
Timm Thaler, James Kruess
Die Wilden Huehner, (GVPL) Cornelia Funke
Momo, Michael Ende


Asterix und Obelix
Tim und Struppi



Age 12-14

Die unendliche Geschichte, Michael Ende
Krabat, Ottfried Preussler
Tintenherz, (GVPL),(S), Cornelia Funke
Der durch den Spiegel kommt, Kirsten Boie

Reading practice A2/B1 level:

Lextre-DaF-Lernkrimis, Cornelsen Verlag

Books regarding War/Holocaust:

Rosa Weiss, Roberto Innocenti Age 6 and up
Erikas Geschichte, Roberto Innocenti, Age 8 and up
Hannah’s Koffer, Karen Leine, Age 10 and up
Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl, Judith Kerr, Age 12 and up